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This is the Main Page for everything you might want to know about Gotta Catch ’Em All or Pokémon Tabletop Adventures.

Character Creation

Use the Character Creation Guide to create a character. Make sure they are a people and not just concepts. The difference is that people have feelings and emotions and think about and have opinions about stuff even if those opinions are sometimes completely have no basis in facts while concepts are ideas about people. Just be sure that you can role play and make some interesting choices. Remember, your character is not you. They can feel completely differently about things than from how you would feel. Make a choice you as a person might not make.


I made some changes to the system and to the world. Please read through the Basics page to see them all


We are beginning in Kanto. This will probably be the Kanto of the Pokémon games with some added places from either the Anime or the Manga splashed in for some good measure.


There is a whole page where I give a small description of each Class and links to further details.


Kanto means the original 151 WITHOUT Mewtwo. Number 150 is Mew. Good luck ever actually seeing him.


If you have any potential players that you think I ought to take a look at, put them up on the Potential Players page.

Other Pages You Might Want to Look At

More as they are made.

If you find any pages that have disconnected links, please post them at the Incomplete Links page. I miss stuff and forget to make the pages even though I have all the info for them. Thank you.

Also, I am trying to get all of the information in the books online with a little bit more of a description than was provided in the books (e.g. Classes). If you can help input stuff that would be great and I will be more inclined to help you out of a jam.

Main Page

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