Playable Classes

These are the classes that players may choose from. This does not mean you have free reign over them. Please consult with me before you begin building your character. Also read the Basics page before choosing.

Ace Trainer- The prototypical Pokémon trainer. They use their features to enhance their Pokémon during battle to make them the ultimate fighting machines.

  • Chaser- They chase down their enemies and don’t allow them to escape.
  • Enduring Soul- They fight on until there isn’t a breath left in their bodies.
  • Stat Ace- They focus on one stat in order to perfect their fighting style.
  • Strategist- They use tactics to help them win the day.
  • Tag Battler- They fight with two Pokémon at once and master the art of Double Battles.
  • Type Ace- They train only one type to become the greatest.
  • Underdog- These trainers don’t evolve their Pokémon, but don’t underestimate their will to fight on.

Breeder- These trainers are masters of raising Pokémon to the peak of their abilities.

  • Botanist- They use their knowledge of nature to improve upon their Pokémon’s natural abilities.
  • Chef- These gourmet guys cook up a recipe for success.
  • Groomer- The masterful marvels bring out your Pokémon’s natural sense of style.
  • Medic- They heal and revive those Pokémon that have worn out.
  • Move Tutor- These trainers specialize in teaching Pokémon the tricks of the trade.

Capture Specialist (Banned Class; Advanced Classes still available via Cross Classing)

  • Artificer- These trainers use their skills and creativity to craft Type Boosters.
  • Engineer- These geniuses are masters of technology and machines.
  • Juggler- These slippery customers can release a Pokémon with stupefying skill and dexterity.

Coordinator- These trainers focus on different aspects of their Pokémon in order to win at Contests.

  • Beauty Modeler- These marvelous mortals focus on their Pokémon’s Beauty trait.
  • Choreographer- Trainers like this use set moves to win the day.
  • Cool Trainer- These cool cats focus on their Pokémon’s Cool trait.
  • Cute Idol- These fabulous folks focus on their Pokémon’s Cute trait.
  • Fashion Designer- These trainers use clothes and accessories to give their Pokémon the edge to win.
  • Smart Teacher- These brilliant boy focus on their Pokémon’s Smart trait.
  • Tough Guy- These remarkable rogues focus on their Pokémon’s Tough trait.

Martial Artist- These trainers fight alongside their Pokémon, training themselves just as hard as their Pokémon.

  • Athlete- These prolific trainers are masters of their sport and use those skills to run, dodge, and weave their way through a fight.
  • Black Belt- They are masters of close range combat.
  • Dirty Fighter- They use cheap shots and dirty tactics to gain the upper hand.
  • Message Therapist- These trainers use their physical training and skills to ease the pains of others.
  • Ninja- They use stealth and poison to defeat their opponents.
  • Weapons Master- These trainers arm themselves for the battle to come.

Mystic- These trainers use magical powers to enhance themselves and their Pokémon.

  • Body Snatcher- They use their abilities and powers to pose as other people.
  • Buffet- These trainers use their powers to improve themselves.
  • Guardian- They are the shield that protects and able to use their powers to do so.
  • Shaman- These sages use their powers to possess their Pokémon in a more spiritual way.

Psychic- These trainers use their mental abilities to change the game to better fit their liking.

  • Air Adept- They use their abilities to enhance their Flying and Electric type Pokémon.
  • Clairsentient- They use the psychic powers to fine people, things, and Pokémon.
  • Earth Shaker- They bend the powers of the earth to augment their Ground, Rock, and Grass type Pokémon.
  • Empath- These trainers can use their powers to sense the thoughts and feelings of the Pokémon around them.
  • Fire Breather- These masters of light and flame use their powers to supplement their Fire, Dark, and Ghost type Pokémon.
  • Hex Maniac- They use their powers to curse and jinx their opponents into submission.
  • Influential- These devious trainers use their abilities to control the minds of those around them.
  • Rain Waker- They use there psychic abilities to support their Water and Ice type Pokémon.

Ranger (Banned Class; Advanced Classes still available via Cross Classing)

  • Coach- These people use verbal encouragement in order to motivate their Pokémon to success.
  • Commander- They use their natural leadership and charisma to inspire those around them.
  • Detective- They catch the bad guys using their talents for deduction and intuition.
  • Rider- These trainers are masters of riding their Pokémon into the sunset.
  • Survivalist- To make themselves stronger, these courageous trainers go into the wild to hone their abilities against the forces of nature.

Researcher- Using their minds as their weapons, they seek to learn everything they can about Pokémon and understand the world around them.

  • Petrologist- None understand the ways of evolution stones and fossils quite like them.
  • Photographer- They use photos to understand the way that Pokémon interact with the world.
  • Professor- Their knowledge of Pokémon can outclass any PokéDex and they can use this knowledge to empower those around them.
  • Scientist- They mix pills to enhance their Pokémon’s abilities.
  • Watcher- Artists that capture the true beauty of Pokémon in their sketches, with a little help from their Pokémon finding abilities.

This is a consolidated list of all of the classes that have been banned. Base Classes are written in bold.

  • Evolver (Breeder)
  • Hacher (Breeder)
  • Capture Specialist
  • Collector (Capture Specialist)
  • Poké Ball Designer (Capture Specialist)
  • Snagger (Capture Specialist)
  • Trapper (Capture Specialist)
  • Aura User (Martial Artist)
  • Godspeaker (Mystic)
  • Rune Master (Mystic)
  • Ranger
  • Signer (Ranger)
  • Special Operations (Ranger)
  • Crytozoologist (Researcher)
  • Dream Doctor (Researcher)


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