This is a consolidated compendium of info needed to play in Pokémon Tabletop Adventure: Gotta Catch ’Em All.

Starting off, we are playing in Kanto. This means that we are only using Kanto Pokémon (sorry Gerrundous, no Murkrow). If it gets to the point that we have finished our adventures in Kanto (in other words, my story for this game), we can move on to Johto (in other words, I will write more story that takes place there), and on to Hoenn after that.

I have made some modifications to the rules of the game. In their most base form, all of the changes that I have made to the system can be stated simply as Pokémon set far, far in the past. I’m not say in the past as in when Professor Oak was a kid. I am talking about when Professor Oak’s parents were kids. You will not be meeting with Red and the gang.

Who you will or will not meet isn’t the main purpose for the change, nor is that the greatest effect that the change will have. Here is a list of the changes that this time period will bring.

  • Poké Balls are very rare. You will not be able to purchase them in stores. You have to get them custom made for you with apricorns, and, unlike the ones that you get from Kurt in Gold/Silver, these ones cost money. Along with the rarity aspect, there is one other change regarding Poké Balls; the only Poké Balls you can get are Level Balls, Lure Balls, Moon Balls, Friend Balls, Love Balls, Heavy Balls, and Fast Balls.
  • Without the ability to have massive amounts of Poké Balls, you lose the ability to be “Gotta Catch ’Em All” type trainers. The phrase “Gotta Catch ’Em All” has not really been invented yet, as that is not really a viable way of behaving. These changes have been represented on the Classes page. The Capture Specialist and many of its Advanced Classes have been removed from the list of playable classes. That being said, not all of the Capture Specialist’s Advanced Classes have been cut (just those that had to do with Pokémon capturing as a priority). The ones that were not cut are still available via cross classing.
  • The other base class that I got rid of was Ranger. I did this because I think Stylers are stupid. Again, some of the Advanced Classes are still available by cross classing.
  • I cut a hand full of Advanced Classes as well. These have been represented on Classes page as well and can be found at the end of the page along with the base classes that have been cut. I am putting a little bit of a caveat here. If you want to play one of these cut Advanced Class and can convince me that you can Role Play it well and have a good story reason for it I may allow it.
  • (This next change may irk some people) Since I set this game years in the past, I made the decision that the Pokémon League has not been created yet. This is explained by, again, the lack of Poké Balls making extremely difficult for lay people to participate in a sport that requires them. Before you get your undies in a Grass Knot, I created 2 alternatives to the Pokémon League. First, for those with a little more wealth, there are Pokémon Battle Tournaments. This is for the overly wealthy to participate it, like polo or horse racing, and requires a lot of money to play. It is possible to gamble on these tournaments, like horse racing, and, like horse racing there is sometimes a bit of a mafia around these tournaments. The second alternative can be considered the inverse of the last. There are underground (not like Dig) Pokémon fighting rings. This is more like cock fighting or dog fighting rings than actual Pokémon battles. These are for the slummier folks (although you can imagine Michael Vick running some Growlith fighting ring), and are always run by someone shady. Normal, middle class people would not usually be involved in either of these events. Pokémon contest are around already but are more like dog shows in the “Best in Show” style.
  • Though the Pokémon Centers will heal your Pokémon for free, room and board is not. It is a different time and the Pokémon Centers are not yet fully government subsidized yet. You will have to pay a little (like an Inn in D&D). If it becomes an issue that you don’t have enough money to buy a loaf of bread or carton gazpacho, we will talk.
  • I have also gotten rid of Aura. It serves no purpose and makes things more complicated, so goodbye.
  • Since Bill’s grandfather hasn’t been born yet, we have no Pokémon transfer system. I will have a place for you to keep your Pokémon when they are not with your party.

As far as the Pokémon you can choose are concerned, the only way that I will allow you to have a Pokémon that is not from Kanto is if it is an evolutionary form of a Kanto Pokémon. Steelix and Magby are fine but Bonsly, Gallade, and Corphish are not.


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